Evaluation and active participation in the treatment of sport-related brain concussion

Come and test your perceptual and cognitive areas of weakness after having suffered from a sport-related brain concussion. Then let Neurovision S&P guide you to gradually retrain and reactivate your brain to attenuate your symptoms and ease a return to play and a normal life. It’s time to take back control!

We provide :

a comprehensive ASSESSMENT of your neurovisual capacities

a custom-tailored neurostimulation TRAINING PROGRAM focused on your identified areas of weakness to reteach the brain how to process information, make decisions and accept physical and mental effort

Our training program will enable you to improve:

Improvement of brain performances step by step

1. Comprehensive assessment

2 hours

The initial assessment is an evaluation of individual abilities and includes a neurovisual screening, the identification of areas of weakness and the production of a neurostimulation baseline thanks to the determination of individual values. This assessment provides a profiling of skills and leads on to the development of a patient-specific neurostimulation training program.

2. Brain training protocol

1 hour / session

Our 1 hour sessions use state of the art technology to train the brain through visual stimulations, a technique known as neurostimulation.
The training program is designed to: optimize visual-perceptual skills, enhance critical brain functions for performance, develop cognitive capacities, anticipation, reasoning, stamina and lucidity when experiencing stress or muscle fatigue, speed up the processing of information and decision-making.

Patient testimonials

My brain concussion made me feel totally lifeless. The training sessions with Romain put me on the right track to reactivate my brain and truly saved my life!

Virginie GERMOND

I thought that I’d be out of action for one or two weeks, but for me the impact of my injury lasted two months. I was very affected mentally. I suffered from memory loss. The idea (of the training program) was to take back control of my mental capacities. It really helped me and benefitted not only my psyche but also my sight and senses.

George MOALA

Who already works with Neurovision S & P

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We have been a global pioneer in the neurovisual approach in clinical research as part of the treatment of post-concussion syndrome within a multidisciplinary framework for more than 8 years.

We help to improve the post-concussion care made available to athletes and, to do so, we work closely with the medical staff of elite athletes, teams of university researchers from all over the world as well as medical working groups specialized in the screening of sport-related concussion, post-concussion rehabilitation and the monitoring of concussed athletes.

We are also very involved in the treatment of cognitive disabilities that accumulate after several brain concussions. Many athletes explain that they feel a gradual diminution of their cognitive skills despite recovering from several concussions. They describe experiencing a diminution in memory, attention control, concentration, the ability to multitask, the quality of their sleep, etc. Over the course of time, the plasticity of the brain reduces and it is crucial that these disabilities are not given the chance to accumulate so that athletes can live out their sporting career to the full and enjoy pursuing other professional and personal activities.

We have worked alongside and helped more than 100 post-concussed athletes of differing sports, ages and levels.

Contact us to book your assessment and comprehensive profiling of your brain capacity

The neurovisual comprehensive assessment lasts 2 hours. Every neurostimulation training session lasts 1 hour.

The assessment and the training sessions are done at the Neurovision Sport & Performance clinic in Lyon.

Post-concussed athletes we have worked with tell us that they begin to feel an improvement in their symptoms between the 1st and the 6th session.

We recommend that post-concussed athletes follow a training program with 15 to 20 sessions to achieve a significant improvement in their symptoms and to enable a progressive return to physical training.

We recommend an initial rehabilitation program of 2 or 3 sessions a week for athletes who don’t live too far away from our clinic in Lyon. We then suggest a consolidation program of 1 or 2 sessions a week.

We offer “intensive” post-concussion programs over 5 days including 3 sessions a day. We can provide accommodation facilities with partner hotels nearby.

We communicate our rates by email.

Our neurovisual approach must, in no way, disturb, but rather complement the range of medical treatment and care already provided in other spheres (physiology, physical/mental care). We recommend a constructive collaboration with your personal doctor and/or your club’s medical staff.