Train your brain
Improve your performance

Neurovision proposes you an assessment and a comprehensive profiling to design a
custom-tailored neurostimulation training program to improve your performance

Our exclusive neurovisual approach has made us a world pioneer in training the brain through the eyes to improve sports, professional and educational performance.

The brain processes data and stimuli received from our 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste). Our VISION represents 80% to 90% of all stimuli we receive and process, which means that the eye is an exceptional visual pathway towards our brain.

The brain anticipates, sorts, analyzes and memorizes information. It makes decisions, initiates and guides gestures and motor abilities according to factors such as the situation, the context, the level of interest…

But most of all, the brain is constantly training thanks to its elasticity.



Our custom-tailored training programs are made up of
exercises that specifically cater
for a patient’s personal needs

Working with children through to seniors, we offer an assessment of your visual-perceptual potential, your cognitive abilities and a comprehensive profiling to evaluate and analyze your personal areas of weakness.
Then, according to your needs, we develop a customized neurovisual training program focused on your identified areas of weakness to improve your efficiency, lucidity and individual performance.

In addition, we are actively involved in the treatment of attention disorders and sport-related brain concussion.

Our training program will enable you to improve :

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athletes helped
international event participations
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