Training of the brain to maintain and improve cognitive capabilities

Come and test and train your brain to identify your limits and stretch yourself mentally.
Improve your concentration skills, your memory, your ability to multitask
and your ability to make decisions.

We provide :

a comprehensive ASSESSMENT of your neurovisual capabilities

a custom-tailored neurostimulation TRAINING PROGRAM focused on your identified areas of weakness

Our training program will enable you to improve :

Improvement of brain performance
step by step

1. Comprehensive assessment

2 hours

The initial assessment is an evaluation of individual abilities and includes a neurovisual screening, the identification of areas of weakness and the production of a neurostimulation baseline thanks to the determination of individual values. This assessment provides a profiling of skills and leads on to the development of a patient-specific neurostimulation training program.

2. Brain training protocol

1 hour / session

During the 1 hour sessions, Neurovision S&P uses cutting edge technology to train your brain thanks to visual stimulations (neurostimulation).
Our custom-tailored neurovision training protocol will enable you to improve: your concentration and attention span, your cognitive capabilities, the speed at which your brain acquires and processes information, your memory, your organizational skills, your decision-making, your lucidity, your cognitive effort for greater stamina.

Who already uses Neurovision S & P

seniors helped
years of clinical experience
international event participations
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We have been a global pioneer in the neurovisual approach in clinical research for the improvement of brain performance for more than 8 years. Our initial research in neurovision was aimed at analyzing and exploiting data collected through eye-tracking (eye movement) during exploratory and high cognition tasks (acquisition, memorization, organization of information, etc.)

The natural aging process causes a reduction in the cognitive capabilities of the brain and this affects :

Memory, attention span, the ability to learn new tasks, visual-spatial dexterity, etc. However, this depends on the resources of a person’s brain and the way these resources are stimulated and used. Our neurostimulation training protocols are therefore designed to stimulate the brain’s elasticity, also known as neuroplasticity (i.e. the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of evolution and experience). In doing this, our patients succeed in maintaining and improving their cognitive capabilities that would have a natural tendency to diminish.
We have worked with dozens of seniors and contributed to improving their lives.

Contact us to book your assessment and comprehensive profiling of your brain capacity

The neurovisual comprehensive assessment lasts 2 hours. Every neurostimulation training session lasts 1 hour.

The assessment and the training sessions are done at the Neurovision Sport & Performance clinic in Lyon.

Patients we have worked with tell us that they begin to feel an improvement in their symptoms between the 1st and the 6th session.

We recommend that you follow a training program with 10 sessions to achieve a significant improvement of your performance with regular profiling of your abilities.

We recommend 1 or 2 sessions a week for patients who don’t live too far away from our clinic in Lyon.

We offer “intensive” training protocols over 3, 4 or 5 days including 3 sessions a day. We can provide accommodation facilities with partner hotels nearby.

Like in every training, we recommend that people do a few sessions every 3 months to maintain their level, in particular for response time. However, the brain will retain the benefit of strategies for years without any specific training, particularly visual exploratory strategy and the ability to receive information.

We communicate our rates by email.

Our neurovisual assessment and training sessions are complementary to all the other activities you do in your free time to improve your individual performance.