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Neurovision Sport & Performance was created by
Romain Bordas, clinician in neuroscience

🇫🇷 2006-2013 / Clermont-Ferrand, France

After graduating valedictorian from the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, Romain Bordas qualifies as an ORTHOPTIST (= specialized in binocular vision). He is recruited as an orthoptist-trainer and researcher by the University Hospital of Gabriel Montpied and the Faculty of Medicine of Clermont-Ferrand.

He specializes in NEUROVISION and conducts scientific research into children’s learning disorders and disabilities (dyspraxia and dyslexia), brain injury and eye-tracking technology that records eye movements. He learns refractive techniques (optical corrections) and he is invited to develop the first neurovisual screening assessment protocol for high level athletes for ASM Clermont-Auvergne, a French Top 14 (League 1) rugby team.

🇨🇭 2013-2016 / Geneva, Switzerland

Romain is recruited by the largest private ophthalmology center in western Switzerland to work as an orthoptist-trainer for medical assistants in Geneva. He holds orthoptic consultations and continues his research in neurovision for use with patients with learning disorders, with athletes to improve their sports performance and in eye-tracking.

He is asked to create and develop the world’s first clinic specialized in cognitive science focused on the neurovisual approach to improve sports, professional and educational PERFORMANCE. He designs specific training protocols for Formula 1 and 2 drivers, elite hockey and soccer players, fighter pilots, astronauts, children with or without learning disorders, and, in addition, his work benefits the speed and quality of recovery after sport-related concussions.

🇺🇸 2016-2018 / Los Angeles, United States of America

Following the success of the clinic set up in Geneva, Romain is invited to create the same center in Los Angeles, California. He leads the project and works closely with NBA, NHL, NFL, ATP, WTA, MLB players… He also works with Hollywood producers and FBI agents to improve decision-making and lucidity when experiencing stress and/or suffering from fatigue.

He pursues his research in brain activation for several seasons at many Formula 1 Grand Prix events at sites across the USA, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, Monaco and Italy.

🇨🇭 2019-2021 / Lausanne, Switzerland

Romain goes on to develop a new clinic in Lausanne and successfully works on new protocols for athletes suffering from sport-related concussions and programs for children with attention deficits and/or learning disorders and diabilities.

He continues his work with Formula 1 drivers as well as hockey, rugby and football players. He also participates in brain activation sessions with skiers and motocross drivers on site at various stages of world championship events. He also spends several months designing custom-tailored training protocols with Swiss police and gendarmerie task force teams.

🇫🇷 2021 / Lyon, France

In 2021, Romain decides to create Neurovision Sport & Performance, a new generation clinic that integrates cutting edge technology in neurostimulation and that is specialized in two fields:
– PERFORMANCE: sports, professional and educational fields, life wellness and senior care
– PATHOLOGY: sport-related concussion suffered by athletes and attention deficits in children and adults
+ BRAIN ACTIVATION on site during sporting event

Scientific Team

As part of its ongoing quest for clinical excellence, Neurovision Sport & Performance works closely with a wide range of different partners to benefit from their expertise in their respective fields.

Research and technology is constantly evolving. The combination of our scientific team’s professional skills enables Neurovision S&P to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and to ensure that we make a constant contribution towards the improvement of our neurostimulation protocols.


+ Orthoptist specialized in neurovision (dyslexia)
+ Master’s degree in neuroscience
+ President-Founder of E(ye)Motion
+ Guest speaker at conferences


+ FIFA instructor
+ Performance and cognition specialist
+ Swiss Olympic team trainer
+ Personal coach for athletes
+ KeepExpert CTO

Dr Philippe MORIZET

+ Ophthalmlogist - Eye surgeon
+ Researcher at the Rothschild Foundation (Paris)
+ Senior lecturer
+ Adapted and subjective refraction teacher
+ Consultant for Nidek S.A. and Eyelabs


+ Orthoptist specialized in neuropsychology (EPHE - Sorbonne)
+ Senior lecturer (Sorbonne, Paris, Picardie Faculties)
+ Principal for continuing medical education (Groupe Point Vision)
+ Founder & Webmaster of Orthoptie.Net
+ Co-founder & Administrator of 2Yeux forum

Our references

Neurovision S&P has privileged partnerships with a number of key partners in their leading sectors. Our close collaboration enables us to build a long-term vision of the support provided to athletes and professionals. We also benefit from a high level of cooperation through mutual access to the latest developments and innovations in our specialist field.


Partnership since 2019

VictoryLane is a leading French agency for elite athletes whose expertise guides them in management (career management, contracts, sponsorships), performance (medical, physical and mental training/monitoring, nutrition) and communication (branding, media, content).

ASM Clermont-Auvergne

Historic partnership since 2010

ASM Clermont-Auvergne is a French Top 14 rugby team based in Clermont-Ferrand. The club is two times French national champion (2010 and 2017) and the staff is commited to the ongoing quest for performance and highly invested post-concussion medical care.

Team Dragon Moto

Partnership since 2018

Team Dragon Moto is a team of motocross riders who take part in world championship events as the Swiss, French and Spanish national championships.

Keep Expert

Partnership since 2021

KeepExpert is a group of professionals from a range of sporting and medical backgrounds recruited to work alongside elite football goalkeepers on site within their clubs.

Fight District

Partnership since 2017

Fight District is a physical and technical preparation center for boxers, kickboxers, karatekas, MMA fighters and other combat sports fighters, located in Lausanne (Switzerland). It was founded by Yoann Kongolo and Cabal Crenn.


Partnership since 2016

R8G is the official brand of Romain Grosjean, a French and Swiss Formula 1 driver for 10 years (Lotus and Haas) and now a talented driver in Indycar in the United States.

Robin Mulhauser

Partnership since 2019

RM is the official brand of Robin Mulhauser, Swiss moto GP rider, two times winner of the Endurance World Championship (2019 and 2020 FIM EWC).


Partnership since 2021

LOU is a French Top 14 rugby team in Lyon which is very interested in researching new ways to improve performance and in providing its players with top-level post concussion medical care.

Centre Orthopédique Santy

Partnership since 2021

The Santy Orthopedic Center y is a multidisciplinary medical center and excellence pole located in Lyon. It has been selected as an accredited FIFA Medical Center of Excellence.


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